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I love night orienteering and can assist you in getting a very cheap and powerful headlight...

Price list* 2015


BoruitLight - 60CHF or 500SEK


SolarStorm - 80CHF or 700SEK


*The listed price is for one headlamp package and it includes shipment cost and eventual custom fee :)

Note: Payment after completed delivery, product test and full perceived customer satisfaction.



I'm not supporting with this any more.

Please buy using Ebay.com - it's safe.


Order a great headlamp through me!


I enjoy running in the dark, but not without a good light of course. If you do not have a perfect headlamp for running, biking or other activities in the dark, I recommend you to buy a headlamp with the powerful CREE/LED technology. With its superb Li-ion batteries the headlamps are lasting for enough time to last for training and competition purposes. However, in a local store near you a >1000 lumen headlamp may cost a fortune (~300CHF/2000SEK).


If you want to own a >1000 lumen headlamp but don't know how to get one, you can 1) just send me an E-mail (karl [at] tiselius.ch) 2) indicating what model you want to buy and how many and 3) add your desired delivery name and address, and I get the headlight package ordered to you asap. You'll then get a confirmation mail with more information and also my bank account for payment upon arrival of package. As the headlamp is mainly* sent to you from Asia, the delivery time may differ between 2-4 weeks (so order early!). When you get your package, you test the battery and light, and first when you feel satisfied you transfer the money. If the headlight is malfunctioning I also support with new order and/or money back in case you need to return the package within 30 days (if anything is found to be defective by manufacturer) to the supplier. So far I have helped a lot of satisfied friends and other people.

*in some cases I might have some headlamp packages at home in Switzerland


Headlamps I can recommend and order for you:

All lummen (lm) values (below) are my own qualified estimation. I would like to test real values (may be higher or lower, but I do not have access to the equipment needed)


BoruitLight >1000 lm = strong light + 2 (a bit lighter) lights, ½-sized battery pack on the back of a nice head solution (two 18650-batteries will be delivered to you too - separately or included in the package). A good training lamp.


SolarStorm >2000 lm = super strong 3x light, light and really good head solution, (long) cable connected battery pack. A good competition lamp.


All packages includes:

XM-L "T6" and/or "U2" based light (CREE-LED, waterproof design, aluminum alloy casing and reflector, four switch mode: strong brightness/half brightness/low brightness/flashing), headstrap (adjustable), rechargeable Li-ion battery pack*, charger with colored diode indicator (charging/fully charged) and EU-adapter.


*BoruitLight model battery packs: 3.7V, 2 x 5000mAh UltraFire BRC 18650 battery)

SolarStorm battery pack: 8.4V, 4 x 18650 battery pack

Headlamp photo gallery

(photos showing both models)


Photo 1. BoruitLight uses 2 extra CREE lights on the sides to increase the light strength (lummen). 2 x 5000mAh batteries.

Photo 2. BoruitLight from the side, with batteries inserted in the battery case on the back of the headlight.

Photo 3. SolarStorm headlight - with external battery pack. Plus the below rubber strap connectors & head solution for the light:

Photo 4. Resulting light beam (approx. 60 degrees from side to side) where I highlighted brightness zones with dashed lines.

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Order, try, pay & recommend to other.

Karl Tiselius 2012-2015